Who I am?

Biography of Hakim Karimzada

Abdul Hakim Karimzada, born in 1972 in Afghanistan, is a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and master calligrapher, who has over 30 years experience in different types of calligraphy and fine writing such as traditional and modern scripts. He started calligraphy in Herat Province of Afghanistan by learning different writing styles including Nastaliq, Kofie, Naskh and Thuluth scripts. He went on to create over thousands of works by using these scripts. He is the senior member of Herat Calligraphy Association’s board and also the trainer of calligraphy for this association.

In addition, he invented a new fine writing called Nilofar over the course of his calligraphy life. He has taken active part in variety calligraphy exhibitions inside and outside of Afghanistan. Also, he has had many solo exhibitions of his work. He has won numerous awards for his art as well as the collections of his calligraphy works, which are:

1. Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and quotes from his companions.
2. Katibah
3. Nilofar
4. Modern calligraphy
5. Typography
6. Siya Mashq Haie Ashiqana
7. Uzbiki Poem of Amir Ali Shir Nawayee
8. Safar
9. Seen Haie Bi Dayra
10. Abstracts
11. Dyra Haie Bi Noqta
12. Abro Bad
13. Decoration

Hakim has been a leading advocate for the effort to preserve and protect the art of traditional Islamic calligraphy by having it registered with UNESCO.

Learn more about his work in this video from Radio Free Europe.